About Us


* Note: The above text is made from the various colors of Travertine which we can supply (Beige, Noce, Silver, Yellow, Red & Walnut).

We are one of the leading companies in supply of Travertine, Marble & Onyx with highest qualities.

Travertine is a durable and attractive natural stone in a class by itself. Famous structures like the Roman Coliseum & Europe’s longest castle in Burghausen stand as a tribute to the long-lasting nature of travertine as a building material. There are many installers today who have used travertine tile as both flooring and as wall tile who will also sing its praises as a practical and uniquely decorative addition to their interiors and exteriors. Travertine tile has been used and relied upon as tile for thousands of years, holding a place in the development of civilization from the Ancient Greeks, to the Roman Empire, and onto today’s modern age in equal measure.

So far, we have exported our material to Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Australia.

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